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Modern Plumbing & Drain Ltd (Metro License#: P21903) is a fully licensed and insured, experienced and professional plumbing company conveniently located at Yonge & Steeles to serve the whole Greater Toronto Area. With more then 10 year experience in plumbing services, the expertise of Modern Plumbing & Drain in both residential and commercial plumbing has gained great reputation among customers and in the industry. We have a strong team of plumbing technicians highly specializing in different types of plumbing services including draining, leaking fix, waterproofing and more, and own numbers of vans to serve you anywhere and any time. Call us for free estimate today and we promise no charge for any unfinished services!


Modern plumbing & drain Ltd.

Drain & Sewer Service

Highly specialized in drain & sewer issue for many years with experience, professionalism and modern equipment including camera inspect tool, drain snaking machine, 3000psi high pressure jet machine and etc.

Plumbing Service

Experienced in all types of plumbing works especially commercial plumbing from plumbing diagnosis and checkup, plumbing installation and upgrades to plumbing system maintenance and cleaning.

Water Service

Services include upgrade of water supply line, upgrade of copper pipes, water pressure change, water meter relocation, fix frozen pipes and etc.

Complete Waterproof Service

Offer with interior and exterior waterproofing to eliminate leakage, dump, mold and odor that may cause potential health hazard and more costly repairs in the future.

Bathroom Remodelling

From concept to completion, we can remodel your bathrooms to your request.

General Renovation

We can design and do general renovation according to your request. From kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, basement, and etc.

Our Professional Team

Modern plumbing & drain Ltd.

Metro License # P-21903

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Address: 188 Steeles Ave East, Markham ON

Direct Phone: 416-508-0999

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Email: info@modernplumbing.ca